hip scan

Hip scan and Spine scan

DXA / DEXA examination of the HIP and SPINE is most commonly used to detect Osteoporosis because these two areas are at high risk of an Osteoporotic fracture. The Hip and Spine scan is known as an ‘axial’ or ‘central’ scan and measurements of bone density at these sites are the best at predicting who is at risk of having an Osteoporotic fracture. The results help to identify who should be treated for Osteoporosis and enable monitoring the response to treatment. The Hip and Spine scan involves lying on a firm couch whilst a scanning arm passes over the body taking an image of the spine and hips. It does not involve being enclosed in a mechanical tunnel or having an injection. Generally, clothing does not have to be removed but clothes with metal (underwired bra, trousers with zip) should be avoided.

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